Healthy-ish Chocolate Syrup. Say what?!

Get ready. I’m about to drop a ❤️💣on you.  Yes, that’s “love bomb”.  With Valentine’s Day in the air, I wanted to wait for a Friday to make my return to Angie’s Fiesta Friday.… Continue reading

First time food prep

I’m not a planner. I’m all about doing things organically. (Ha. Pun.) I typically think up a meal when it’s time to make it. Depends what I’m inspired by, what I’m hungry for,… Continue reading

So much for hellos. 

On the heels of my blogging return and detox day 3, I got sicked. Stayed home yesterday to care for a sick Miss L (thus, I suppose the time and wherewithall to resume… Continue reading

A question and a return.  It’s 2017. 

Well, it’s been a while for DetoxMama. What’s overdue is a catch-up post but for now I just have a question.  Okay, first maybe a catch up.  I’m still here. Kicking. Not quite… Continue reading

Sugar As Stress Reducer?

A return to mayo. Yay! (paleo, organic)

I’m not going to post the details bc I haven’t perfected it just yet, but today I made organic olive oil mayo. Really, you can google and there’s a ton of recipes but… Continue reading

Not peanut butter, not noodle cold sesame peanut butter noodles (Paleo, Whole30, AIP*)

It was my birthday last week and the gifts keep rolling in. Some girls might want jewelry or clothes, (not that I don’t like jewelry and clothes!) but I get pretty excited when… Continue reading

Vegetables: friend or foe?

Some very interesting food for thought this morning. Thoughts?

The Movement. Label GMOs

View the video here Just Label It ✊

Kraft foods to acquire Enjoy Life

While I didn’t care for them, I know many of my fellow bloggers and health enthusiasts love their chocolate chips. Another reason to just make your own. Here’s a recipe

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