Magic juice

20131205-125536.jpgSo today my 4 year old had a terrible stomach ache. Something she really never gets – and has never gotten like this. In a ton of pain, crying, couldn’t sit still, I felt terrible and didn’t know what to do for her.  I tried to think of what it could be. A stomach bug? Something she ate? She did have junky cake at a birthday party- could be it that? I don’t have her on a strictly gluten free diet (more on that in another post) but I do try to limit her intake and do also try to make sure she’s at least eating heartier and only organic grains when she does.  But back to today, she’s in pain, crying and it just breaks your heart because you want to be able to magically take the pain away. My husband asked if there was some kind of children’s Pepto we could buy? And a few months ago, that would have been my immediate response too – she needs medicine. But now I know better and go that route with much more trepidation and as a last resort. He also suggested prunes, which I thought was a great idea if she was feeling constipated.  But we didn’t have any. And so then I thought – green smoothie!  Every morning, I drink a green smoothie with fruits, green veggies, and vegan protein. Sometimes I do one for my daughter without the vegan protein powder and usually I’ll make a version for my husband too with whey protein powder (don’t get me started!).  So as my daughter cried and paced around because she didn’t want to lie down and couldn’t sit still, I quickly threw together an ad hoc green organic smoothie with extra spinach, peaches, strawberries, and a banana. For my daughter, I add lots of fruit to sweeten it up.  By the time I had it ready, she had gone back upstairs. I ran up and gave it to her. She drank a sip and said she didn’t want more. I let her be for  a moment and insisted on another small sip. I expected that I would need to have her drink at least half of the glass and also wondered if it would help at all. But I kid you not, suddenly, she was talking and asking me about her dolls. Her voice changed, she wasn’t crying, and she was now playing! After 2 sips! I was shocked and stunned. I’m STILL shocked and stunned.  She asked for more juice and sipped and played, sipped and played. She’s fine now. I don’t know how and I don’t know why (well, I can surmise and posit of which I may do in another post), but for now the point is, I’ve got a happy kid and that makes me a happy mommy…and now we will always call this magic juice!