Food For Every Mood

Sometimes we are in “the mood” for certain kinds of food. We might think of our mood dictating what food we choose, but what about food dictating our mood? This is a profound lesson that I first began to learn in April 2013 when I began my first elimination detox. During this time, I focused on my body for the first time ever. I mean, I really listened, and watched, and took note. And what did I learn? That I did not know my body at all!  I had absolutely no sense of the impact that foods had on me. I had been eating gluten for 30+ years and never realized it made me moody and tired and achey; had been eating dairy forever and never realized it was the cause of my chronic cough and stuffiness. My doctor had prescribed a steroid inhaler for this cough, yet low and behold, I cut out dairy and the cough disappeared. Let me say that again: a cough I had dealt with 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week for ten years disappeared almost over night. The doctor would have had me pumping my body full of steroids when all I needed to do was stop eating cheese! Imagine?!

There are so many other things I noticed. Like gluten also makes my joints hurt and anything with silica (in many processed foods and supplements) makes me achey. I also had begun having recurring sinus infections that would turn into full blown flu-like illness. I would get these like once a month and they would knock me on my ass for a good 3-4 days. It had been going on for about 2 or 3 years. These also vanished once I eliminated allergenic foods. (And return if I “cheat”.)

An overarching observation is that when I eat gluten, I feel awful. I’m tired, moody, grumpy and negative. And then because of this, I find myself needing coffee to keep me going. Then I can’t sleep until 3 am and it’s not a restful sleep, wake up desperately needing more coffee, and probably have more gluten (& other poor choices), feel 50% at best and so the cycle continues. But when I cut out gluten and sugar and coffee -while don’t get me the wrong, those first few days are sheer hell- after that, it’s a whole new world. I am alert, full of energy, mood is steady, I’m happy and positive – it’s a whole different outlook on life, really. All because of food.

Food is medicine. I truly believe this now. It can also be poison. And I think that’s a big part of why our society is very ill. We eat crap processed junk, become ill and then take drugs to attack the symptoms, but never address the cause. I’m not saying that drugs are bad or that diet is the solution for all conditions. In some cases drugs are needed, and frankly I’m no expert to be saying when they are and aren’t, but I think we definitely underestimate the impact that food has on our quality of life, on our physical and emotional state.

It’s still an on-going lesson and journey for me but one I am really excited about. Food for every mood, for me, really means feeding one mood – a wonderful one!