Chicken Tagine inspired stew with socca (chickpea flatbread)

Tonight for detox dinner 1, I took a little trip around the globe courtesy of my “google recipe builder”. Sometimes when I’m not sure what to make, I’ll google the ingredients I have or the ingredients I know I want to use and see what comes up. I was largely inspired by the organic raisins I had just walked in with, having nabbed them on sale at the market. And I had also just bought some free range organic skinless chicken thighs. I never really follow a recipe to the letter but just skim to get the gist so this dish was part inspired by the chicken tagine recipe that popped up but I was also thinking deconstructed chicken empanada. Again, it was all about the raisins, man. I love raisins in savory dishes! Then when I started thinking empanada, I started thinking dough. But no gluten for me! Then I remembered the chickpea flatbread I have been wanting to make and thus the flavors ultimately took more of a middle eastern/Moroccan turn, although Socca actually hales from France. I added some spinach to the stew for extra leafy greens and served over rice. I also made a nice salad because it’s very important to get enough greens on this detox. The Socca came out wonderful. I didn’t let the batter sit for longer than maybe 20 minutes when I was reading it should be hours but it came out flavorful and crunchy and slightly soft in the center as I poured out quite a bit of batter. I flavored with garlic, oregano, and a little sea salt.

It was a nice warm stew for this frigid winter evening! And that bite of crisp flatbread dipped into the stew of chicken, peppers, onions, tomatoes and raisins was a phenomenal combination. Who says detox means deprivation?! I’m happy and stuffed! 🙂