Icey Veggie Pops that kids will love!

This is a favorite treat in my house! We do many different combinations of fruits and veggies. It’s generally the same as our smoothie base. The only diff is that for icey pops, I’ll leave the mix a bit chunkier so you can see and taste the different bits of actual fruits/veg and their colors. Because of this, I’ll peel the apples and pear first so I don’t get bits of the skin when we eat the pops.20140109-160439.jpg

For a smoothie, I just throw everything in, seeds, skins and all because my Vitamix will blend it all to silk.

These we blended up this morning and half was for our morning smoothies and half we froze and they are now ready for after school snacking. 20140109-155554.jpg These particular pops have spinach, apple, pear, strawberry, banana and a little almond milk. I add the banana, apple, and pear for sweetness but these pops are not super sweet. If you like them sweeter, you can add in some local raw honey.


A testament to how good they are: this little kiddo just could not wait, even as I tried to snap a quick pic! 😉

A testament to how good these pops are:  this little kiddo just couldn't wait while I tried to snap a quick pic!