Keeping it simple – Cold chicken sandwich for dinner (on gluten-free, non-processed homemade bread)

It’s been a loooong day and an even longer week, and we are up bright and early tomorrow for an early birthday party and then all of the usual Saturday craziness. I’m tired. No joke; I am dog tired. No cooking tonight. The chickpea flatbread I made yesterday has now softened in the ziplock bag it was stored in. If you want the crunch back, just toast it, but it’s actually quite good soft as well. I simply took some left over chicken, fresh spinach and tomatoes and made a simple but very yummy sandwich using that softened flatbread which has now become a delicious and perfect thin-sliced sandwich bread. I didn’t have any chimichurri left over unfortunately and I didn’t really feel like making something else (I’m really that spent!) so I ate it as is and it really was so good. There is so much flavor coming from the seasoned bread combined with the cold leftover chicken and freshness of the tomatoes and spinach – I honestly didn’t miss a condiment. But just like yesterday, this would have been awesome with chimichurri, pesto, tapenade or hummus.

This bread is made from organic dry chickpeas that I ground into flour, lots of H20, a little olive oil, sea salt and spices. That’s it. No sugar, no xanthan gum, nothing processed and no food “product”. I’ll take this any day of the week over GF food product that does a worse number on insulin than the non-GF stuff. Processed is processed is processed. I digress…

In short, good stuff.