The simplest of sweets! Organic mango and strawberry sorbet (dairy-free, gluten-free, unrefined sugar)

This easiest yummiest treat. I took frozen mango and strawberry, some almond milk (& just as easily could have used water) and some local raw honey and zipped it up in my Vitamix on the frozen setting and voila – an absolutely delicious frozen treat that was ready in seconds and rivals any store-bought sorbet.



Ps- I love my Vitamix and do think it’s essential for certain things , but I don’t think you need it for this. Any blender should do here. It’s a matter of getting the frozen fruit-to-liquid ratio right. You need enough liquid to get this whizzing around but not too much that it ends up a smoothie. I really don’t think my fancy “frozen” setting mattered here.


Oops! I did it again! And went for a thicker more frozen consistency this time. Yum!!