Big Dipper Wax Works Candles

I have been obsessed with aromatherapy candles since I was about 16. I burned them 24/7. I started hearing the occassional rumblings of they may not be good for your or the environment but refused to go there. Dear God, no, not my candles! And yes, I’d occassionally pick up a Glade candle in the market, but much of the time, I was buying those fancy, schmancy $40-$80 candles you find in high-end boutiques. Votivo was a particular favorite. It wasn’t until years and years later, when little baby L came along, that I said no way. I had read more on the subject – the lead wicks, the dangerous chemicals in mass-produced scented candles, etc. – and never lit one again.  Great timing with all the dirty diapers!

But I’ve stumbled upon a wonderful company (no affiliation or endorsements) that I had to share! Big Dipper Wax Works candles are home-grown made in the USA (Seattle to be exact), are 100% beeswax with 100% cotton wicks, and natural essential oils. No dangerous lead, smokeless, no additives or toxic chemicals of any kind. Safe, the house smells great, and I’ve got my candles back.  Hooray!