Strawberry Shortcake (gluten & dairy free, non-processed)

So we’ve been snowed in today and my daughter is under the weather as well so that means we haven’t gone out all day, not even to play in the snow. So what’s a girl to do? Make more gluten-free, dairy-free, non-processed treats! I tried to make these amazing cream puffs but for some reason they just didn’t rise as in the picture. But when life gives this girl flat pastry puffs she makes…strawberry shortcake! This was delightful! Thank you to gfandme for the great pastry puff recipe!



I whipped up some coconut cream with vanilla bean and local raw honey. Note that I also used coconut oil instead of butter in the cake recipe to make this dairy-free.


And whenever a recipe calls for rice flour, I always grind up my own. It takes 2 seconds!

The cakes were crumbly and good!20140121-174805.jpg

These even helped perk poor little Miss L up, who had fun making the whipped coconut cream lavender and piping with a star tip! 🙂 Good job, my little chef! This would actually be an awesome Valentine’s Day dessert!