Brown rice pasta carbonara (dairy-free & gluten-free)

This dish was for the hubby who has to have animal protein in every meal. I was already making a vegan, gluten-free pizza for dinner and I knew he’d need something else. So I made some organic brown rice pasta that I bought at Trader Joe’s. It’s actually really good and according to the bag, is made only with brown rice and water so this would be a packaged GF product I can deal with. I paired the pasta with many of the same ingredients from the pizza. For the “carbonara”, I crisped up some pasture-raised, nitrate-free ham and bacon, then added green onions and green peppers. Next I added the same pesto and tomato paste for the sauce. I tossed in the very al dente pasta and heated gently. I finished it off with some fresh tomatoes, spinach, and red pepper flakes.



Here’s the TJs pasta bag 20140128-094954.jpg