Another gluten-free pizza

Recently, I tried my hand for the first time making a gluten free pizza. Well, I’m at it again. Was a little naughtier this time and added cheese and all the fixin’s even though I’ve pretty much totally cut out dairy and processed meats. This time I used quinoa and rice flour, again, courtesy of my Vitamix. Mixed in some spices, olive oil and warm water. Pressed out onto a cookie sheet and baked at 375 for about 15-20 minutes. The edges came out incredible – super crunchy and it gave it this amazing elevated flavor. The body of the crust was softer so next time I plan to let this cook longer and see if I can get that amazing crispness all the way through.

Tonight was a hearty pizza for my man, so I treated him to food I’ve pretty much stopped eating (so by default, he’s pretty much stopped eating!) – organic fresh mozzarella, nitrate free salami, organic and nitrate free ham. I also added some kale for good measure!