Strawberries & cream (v, gf, non-processed, low sugar)

With Valentine’s day coming, I have decided this year it won’t be an excuse to “cheat” and eat poorly. For as long as I can remember, there have always been certain days where I would cheat on whatever eating regimen I was engaged in at the time (low-fat, low-carb, clean, etc.). That’s bad enough but even worse, those “one days” never end up being one day, they usually spin out into many days or a couple of weeks. This year, I’m convinced I’ve finally figured it all out with my “gluten-free, dairy-free, non-processed, whole food, organic, non-gmo, high produce, moderate animal protein” way of life (wow, I really need a simpler name for this!). For the first time, my primary focus is health and wellness, with weight loss simply being a nice side effect. In the past, a focus on the superficial was always the goal and I really wasn’t making good choices even though at the time I thought I was (think loads of aspartame, diet soda, red bull, tons of coffee, ECA stacks, and horrid protein powders like soy and whey!). But now, this isn’t a diet, it’s simply eating real food (not food product) that truly feeds my body (as opposed to being overfed yet under-nourished or starving myself and poisoning myself). So this time is different and no, Valentine’s Day won’t be an excuse.

But that’s also because I now understand that it doesn’t have to be an excuse. There is nothing wrong with enjoying something sweet and luscious every now and then. I’m thinking of lots of awesome desserts like strawberry shortcake or sexy chocolate mousse. And indulging does not mean loading my body with gmos, pesticides, allergens, food-heroine (read: white sugar and white flour) and sundry food product. This may be the biggest epiphany, second to learning the impact that gluten has on me — that you can still eat things like desserts, breads, chips, and other “treats” , that they can be just as delicious as the other stuff, and most illuminating and simultaneously infuriating, these horrible ingredients are added to the conventional stuff for no good reason. (Unless making a bread last 6 months or making sure you become addicted to Doritos are good reasons.)

So here’s a super simple dessert for two. Or whip this right up in front of guests. So simple, fast and easy but decadent, creamy and oh so, Valentine’s-worthy. Organic coconut milk is whipped up with a touch of vanilla and a touch of local raw honey (or a vegan sweetener). Pair with organic strawberries.