Today’s smoothie: The Doctor

I’m a bit under the weather today but have a lot going on and can’t be in bed so I’ve popped my homeopathic cold meds and have loaded up this super smoothie with cold-busting ingredients – tons of kale, a whole orange, whole grapefruit, whole apple, and some ginger. And lots of H20. I also took a few shots of ACV which I quickly chase with the alkaline smoothie. Load me up, Doc!


Update: I was actually really sick yesterday when I wrote this entry and something has been going around. Slept poorly that whole night. Waking up often because my throat was killing me, felt achey, and congested; had the chills and the sweats and a fever. Yet I had to get myself out to an important meeting where my A game was necessary. I kid you not, within an hour of drinking this I was feeling better. Not perfect, but decent. By later that night, I felt almost fine. And this morning, I was all better. I am still constantly in awe of what a powerful medicine food is. I mean I know this, right? My blog’s tagline says it, after all. But each time it’s proven to me in such an overt way, I am still so humbled by it.