Strawberry ice cream (no dairy)

I needed to use up some coconut cream so I blended it up with frozen strawberries and a touch of local raw honey. The result was an incredibly luxurious soft serve strawberry ice cream. Wow!


20140207-201814.jpgMiss L could hardly wait!

So what is coconut cream?
This is my favorite brand. I had a hard time finding a coconut milk I liked (same for almond milk) because most contain the carcinogen carrageenan (which really demands its own post so I will write on this topic soon). I finally settled on this brand (while canned, the cans are BPA free).

So you buy full fat coconut milk. To get the cream, place it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. Next, turn the can upside down and open. You will find the liquid coconut milk. Pour it into a container for later use. The bottom will be pure, creamy coconut cream. You can make whipped cream like I’ve done here and here or make ice cream or ice pops and really, the sky’s the limit! šŸ™‚