Veggie Hummus

I love making hummus. This is a recipe I’ve been making for about seven years now. The plain hummus base is great on its own or you can switch up with a million different flavor combinations. I typically leave out the tahini to make this a lower calorie dip. That was the reason I began making this 7 years ago when I was watching calories. Today this recipe still works for me because when you do it yourself, you know what’s in it and that concept goes way beyond calories for me now.

This is a super easy recipe that everyone loves. It will keep for a good few days, perhaps more but it’s never lasted that long in my house so I’m not sure!

Hummus base:
🍴2 can garbanzo beans. Strain off the liquid from 1 whole can and half of the other can. (You want one 1/2 can of liquid)
🍴1 small clove garlic
🍴Juice of 1 lemon
🍴Olive oil – about 3 tbsp
🍴Pinch sea salt
🍴🍴Whiz up in your blender or food processor. Stream in olive oil as it’s blending. That’s it. But this is just plain hummus (which is also so good!) so also include whatever additions you choose. Some options: roasted red pepper, basil, cilantro (separate or all together!)

Here’s the veggie version I did here:
🍴1 carrot
🍴A few handfuls chopped kale
🍴1/2 bell pepper
🍴2 rings of raw red onion or roast it first and then add more. I’m not a fan of that strong raw onion flavor
🍴Parsley (a great recipe to use those stems. Don’t throw them out! So much flavor in them!!)
🍴Some lemon zest

I paired with sliced veggies here – trying to behave! 😉 If you really want a treat try them with chifles (green plantain chips). They are a great alternative for those sensitive to corn.

*As always, everything here is organic. Stay away from gmos and toxins wherever possible.