DIY Avocado & Lime Moisturising Hand Wash and Orange & Grapefruit All Purpose Cleaner Spray

Bunny Kitchen


Instead of throwing away your handwash and spray bottles to go and buy new ones, why not recycle them and make your very own cheap, natural, Earth and animal friendly, delicious smelling products.

I never tire of blending fragrant essential oils to make soap nut liquid smell good enough to eat, making cleaning a real pleasure and leaving your home smelling fresh and vibrant without that background, lingering chemical smell.


What’s more, the liquid goes beyond cleaning your kitchen worktops but makes the perfect base for a soothing, naturally antibacterial and moisturising handwash. It can also be used as a body and hair wash and is gentle enough for babies and pets.


All you need is a bag of soap nuts (I’ve had the same 1kg bag which cost under £10 since May last year!), essential oils and optional extras of white vinegar and a moisturising liquid oil such as…

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