Creamy tuna salad! (Paleo, gf, df)

Oh my, I’m excited about this creation. I had some albacore left over from last night’s soup and wanted to do something with it for lunch today. I was thinking some salad and a squeeze of lime but meh, wasn’t super excited about it. Then I thought how nice it would be to have a creamy tuna salad and too bad for me because I haven’t had mayo in forever. I thought and thought… and then remembered, browsing food blogs, I saw someone mention making “mayo” with coconut cream. (Btw, if you are that blogger, please stand up. I don’t remember where I saw it but would love to give you credit.) I didn’t have any coconut milk in the house but I did have shredded coconut so I set off to see what I could do.

So I took shredded organic unsweetened coconut, some water, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper and a few squeezes of lime. Put that in the blender and streamed in some olive oil. What resulted was more of a dressing. It was zingy and different. Wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about it. It wasn’t bad but I wasn’t sure if I thought it was particularly good.

But then I added it to the albacore and made that creamy tuna salad. Yum! So good! The garlic and ginger really added a great level of flavor and the coconut was there but not overpowering. And it was totally creamy just as if I added mayo.

Added some carrots and scallions for a little crunch and served over mesclun with avocado. Delish!