An autoimmune paleo detox dessert

…or breakfast, or snack.

Okay, day 6 here of my AI paleo detox. I was seriously feening for something sweet today. Some chocolate avocado mousse or halvah bon-bons. Alas, for now, even my healthier, whole, unrefined treats are out because I can’t have sugar in any form, can’t have chocolate, and well, can’t have a whole slew of things.

So I worked with what I can have and came up with this little treat which was surprisingly fantastic.

It’s simply carrots strips, blueberries, and tangerines tossed in unsweetened shredded coconut. Maybe it’s the detox talking, but wow was it yummy and totally quenched that sweet tooth. 20140301-212216.jpg

Update: This has become Miss L’s favorite thing.