Pan seared monkfish over pureed turmeric cauliflower…& a lobster tail for good measure! (gf, df, paleo, aip)

A change from poultry or red meat, this dish is healthy, delicious and a special treat. Most seafood is a great source of protein and nutrients. Monkfish and lobster are both much lower in mercury than other seafood. While they are lower in Omega 3s than say salmon, they do offer some DHA and EPA, and together are high in Vitamin Bs, zinc, and selenium which I’m always trying to get more of.

I pan seared the monkfish in a little olive oil and seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper. Removed the fish and added some lemon juice and a little water to the broth to make a quick pan sauce. Then I returned the fish back to the pan into the sauce.

The lobster tails I simply broiled with a little salt and pepper. Serve with a wedge of lemon. (To prep: Cut down the center of the tail (belly side up) with a sharp knife. Then using both hands, hold on each side of your incision and pull apart to start to flip the tail inside out to bring the meat up and outside of the tail.)

Served over pureed cauliflower. Whipped up steamed cauliflower in the Vitamix with my new favorite go-to sauce, my coconut turmeric non-yogurt sauce.