Fusion Wrap (paleo, aip, df, gf, vegan accomodating)


So if you can’t tell, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with wrapping things in greens like chard, kale or lettuce. I’ve also become pretty obsessed with my middle east inspired not-yogurt sauce. And lastly, I’ve become pretty obsessed with taking lots of fresh, crunchy veggies and highlighting them as the main part of my meal. So for this dish, I’ve put all of those aspects together.

Lots of wonderful, fresh produce like red cabbage, cucumbers, cilantro, carrots and yellow squash get cozy with just a little bit of chicken, a sprinkle of sea salt, a drizzle of my yummy not-yogurt sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime. Leave out the chicken for an incredible vegan dish as I’ve also had it. Honestly, it’s the veggies and the sauce that are the highlight here, not the chicken. This all gets wrapped up in a crisp romaine lettuce leave for a…

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