Happy 100th post & happy bday to me! A FABULOUS grain-free, dairy-free organic chocolate birthday cake! (GF, DF, paleo, whole, organic; easily AIP & vegan accomodating)

Update: The first cake I posted was a prototype I tried out the weekend before my birthday. For the actual bday cake I decided to add a strawberry coconut cream filling and some berries.


Strawberry Coconut Cream Filling

1 can coconut cream (this will be about 1/2 the can as the other half is milk)
4 fresh or frozen organic strawberries (you want the cream thick and mousse-like so don’t put in too many berries)
Organic Maple Syrup or Local Raw Honey (maybe about 2 tbsp or to taste)
1/2 tspn organic vanilla extract
Pinch of sea salt

Blend all ingredients in Vitamix, blender, or mixer.
Put in the fridge and let it set overnight.

I then layered the cake with the cream and fresh strawberry slices.


I also experimented with a dairy-free, whole, non-refined decorating icing. I haven’t quite mastered that one yet but will keep working on it and post when I’ve perfected it!



Well, today is my 100th post on my humble little blog. A few months ago, I began documenting my journey into health and wellness. I am really passionate about this new direction my life has taken, keeping myself well and taking care of my family in the best way I know how. In the last year, I have embarked on a journey of eliminating foods that, like most everyone, I grew up eating, loving, and the idea of giving them up was truly unthinkable. I’ve read about why these changes should be made, have come across sometimes conflicting or confusing information, and am always reading and trying to learn more. Overall, I have been enlightened and seen such positive results in my life from making these changes. I’ve always loved cooking and I love some good problem solving, so I’ve enjoyed the challenge of cooking foods that taste good…

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