sweet potato dessert soup

What a great vegan, gluten-free, paleo, aip whole, unrefined dessert. I must try this!

Homemade in Hong Kong

for the longest time, priscilla’s mom has been craving this simple dessert. every time she buys a couple of sweet potatoes, they somehow get used up for other dishes within the same day. you can say we are partially responsible for the disappearance of those sweet potatoes.

this is a very basic, rudimentary chinese dessert. back in the days, farmers with little to eat would make this dish to satisfy their sweet tooth. even with an abundance of groceries within our disposal, we can’t help but crave the simplicity of things.

sweet potato 2 medium
chinese cane sugar 1/4 cup
ginger 1 inch nub
water 3 cups

  • smash the ginger with a large meat cleaver
  • boil the water with the smashed ginger and cane sugar
  • chop the sweet potatoes into small pieces, about 1/2 inch cubes
  • cook the sweet potatoes in the sweet soup on medium heat for 10 min…

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