Today’s smoothie – The Spring Flower (& tips for the finicky junk-food loving kid)

As always, dairy-free, vegan, paleo, aip and whole.

I made this for my daughter this morning in honor of Spring. We are so excited about the gorgeous weather to look forward to this week and what that means – playground, parks, checking out a nature preserve we haven’t been to yet, play dates outside, and nice long nature walks.

This a berry and mango smoothie. I poured the berry in first and then the mango after that. Used a toothpick to decorate. I did this one super quick as mornings are usually a bit of a rush, but the viscosity would allow for some really cool patterns, I think. Can’t wait to do it again!

We’ve been at this long enough now (a year!) that my kiddo usually doesn’t need convincing to eat healthfully, but if you’ve got a finicky eater on your hands, try making some cool smoothie patterns to make it fun! Another tip if you are trying to ween kids who are used to lots of sweets: start by making your healthy smoothies very sweet using natural sugars like organic maple syrup and local raw honey. Then gradually reduce the sweetness overtime until you are not adding anything besides fruit. This concept works well in all aspects of transitioning to healthier eating. As you cut out the junkier processed stuff, the palate does change and the body begins to crave the new nutrient dense food it’s receiving and shun super sugary, highly processed foods. This works for adults too! 🙂