Growing: A pineapple tree

A few weeks ago my market started having these gorgeous organic pineapples for a ridiculously reasonable price. I bought one, cut it up and reluctantly threw away the top. It was so gorgeous and full of life…

Another week or two later I bought another one, cut it up, and just didn’t want to throw away the top. “I wonder if you can sprout this?”, I thought to myself. I thought of the avocado pits I sprout just like my grandmother taught me. I inspected the base of the pineapple top and envisioned placing it in water to root. I somehow just felt certain this was possible. You might say this piña was speaking to me! 😉 A quick google confirmed this was totally doable.

This is absurdly easy. Some stuff I read talked about coring out the top carefully but I had already sliced the top off flat. I cut a bit to get rid of the excess fruit and I also trimmed away some of the leaves so they wouldn’t rot and cut until I saw little brown dots. Then placed in a jar of water, went to NY for a week, and found it had rooted beautifully while I was gone!

(Change the water every few days though, and trip to NY is optional.)