The One-Day Vegan Challenge: Making it Easy on the Omnivores

From one Queens kid to another, I’ll be going Vegan for a day this Sunday…


My birthday is this Sunday. I’ve always loved my birthday, pretty much since the day I was born. My Mom always tells a story about me being a little boy growing up and being happy with anything. Didn’t have to be a toy. I just found happiness in anything and everything. I was always grateful. These days I am still that way and I’m feeling happier than ever. In fact, for my birthday this year I really only want one thing:

For you to be vegan for one day.

This Sunday, April 6th, in honor of that historic day in Queens, New York, I want you to go vegan. If you’re already vegan (which many of my followers are), please pass this challenge along to the omnivores in your life. One day. Sunday brunch through Sunday dinner.

This is very different than the popular Meatfree Monday (which I…

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