Turmeric ginger chai-ish latte (vegan, caffeine free)

Okay, so I got the inspiration for this from Supercharged Food Blog. My eyes were barely opening this morning as I quickly scanned my texts, email and WordPress Reader. I was immediately drawn to this deep golden orange hue and my eyes grew wide. It was a ginger and turmeric milk tea. Gorgeous! Both are incredible super-foods from antibacterial properties, to digestive aid, to inflammation reducer. I had to make this! And commented accordingly!

When I finally headed downstairs to start the morning routine, I decided I would give this a try — and immediately thought latte!!

I heated up some almond milk and water, then grated in some ginger and sprinkled in a good tablespoon of ground turmeric. It already smelled fantastic. I put in a teaspoon of maple syrup. Tried it. It was delicious but gritty so I strained out the ginger.
Took out my dusty expresso machine (this thing used to be my lifeline, btw!!) and steamed up some additional almond milk for a decadent foam topping. An extra sprinkle of turmeric and I was in chai-ish latte heaven!

Turmeric Ginger Chai-ish latte

-Mug worth of Almond milk (I like 1/2 water and 1/2 milk)
-Extra almond milk for steaming
-Grated fresh ginger (about a tspn)
-Ground turmeric (1 tbsp)
-Maple syrup or raw local honey to taste

Heat liquid(s)
Add ginger and turmeric
Let it steep a bit
Pour in mug
Steam almond milk and top tea with heaping spoonfuls of foam
A final sprinkle of turmeric

Requisite next step: sit down, slow down, inhale, sip.
Be warned, you will be inspired to meditate.