Don’t take away my Cab…

I’ve been writing a hell of a lot about what I’m not eating lately, and doing my best to create yummy recipes with my latest protocol of foods. Well, just wanted to take a second to talk about my beloved Cabernet (I love Merlot, too). South American, Spanish, and Italian wines are my favorite. And Cali’s got some good ones, too.

Super high in antioxidants, supposedly with anti-aging properties (yes, please!) and potentially cancer fighting, organic red wine is a great option for me. I go for organic Cabs, Merlots and blends with no added sulfites (pictured below is not sulfite-free tho. It’s all they had & I needed my wine STAT). I also exercise moderation of course. Organic is critical as grapes can be very highly sprayed with pesticides. I don’t have a sulfite reaction in red but do with white (which requires more sulfites since it lacks tannins). Luckily I’m not a white fan anyway. Even with no sulfite reaction in red wine, I’m all about staying away from added preservatives (except when I dash out on a Friday night and it’s all they have!!). All wine has some degree of sulfites. It’s a naturally occurring byproduct of the fermentation process. That I’m cool with. Added preservatives, not so much.

I do not drink any alcohol when detoxing. I did my 10 day autoimmune paleo detox for 30 days. I’m still forging ahead with grain-free, legume-free and definitely nightshade-free (that connection is now crystal clear!) but loosening the reigns just a little. I feel no ill effects indulging in moderate red wine consumption, so that works for me.

So cheers! It’s Friday. And I’ve earned a glass or two of my beloved Cab… Xo, DM