Easter cupcakes with chocolate frosting & strawberry ghee buttercream (paleo, gf, df, vegan accommodating)

Today we had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt for the kids andย potluck picnic. I decided to make these chocolate cupcakes using my birthday cake recipe. I wanted to share something yummy and healthy that I thought everybody would love so this cake recipe came to mind. There were going to be lots of kids and neighbors and I really wanted something yummy — and even better if I snuck in a boatload of zucchini for the kiddos! ๐Ÿ™‚ Judging by the chocolate covered faces I saw, I’m thinking it was a success!

So I took the same basic recipe and just did cupcakes. Frosted with the same chocolate frosting although it fell a little flat as I didn’t allow enough time for it to set up. I say this in my previous recipe and now I know for sure, you definitely do need to let it set overnight!!

I also tried out a new frosting. I’ve tried and failed a few times now at coming up with a dairy free, refined sugar free white frosting that doesn’t taste just like pure coconut cream. I can only eat so much coconut tasting things (although I love coconut!) and I can only eat some much chocolate. I really love vanilla and also want something I’m able to color. So I bought ghee earlier this week because one of the things I wanted to try was a ghee buttercream frosting. Ghee is clarified butter that is supposedly free of all milk solids, thus rendering it technically dairy-free. (I’m actually not sure about this as I talk about here.)

So for this strawberry ghee buttercream frosting, I used:

  • coconut cream
  • local raw honey
  • ghee
  • vanilla extract

Whipped that up into a vanilla buttercream then purรฉed strawberries and whipped them in for both the flavor and color.

The texture was a little bumpy. Even with the ghee softened, I couldn’t quite get the smooth texture of typical buttercream. I also was not using powdered sugar of course! However, the taste was awesome! The super fresh, ripe organic strawberries combined with the ghee/coconut cream mixture tastes like strawberries with freshly whippped dairy cream. Now, if I was down for ghee, I would be super excited, but as I write in my post on ghee, this stuff is defintely dairy! And I am even more sure now than when I wrote that post because I was of course tasting the buttercream as I made it and even had a yummy pink cupcake. I have sinus and congestion issus from dairy and I am paying the price as we speak! ย So, ghee is not so much for me and this buttercream is not something I’ll make again. But if you find that ghee works for you, this was an awesome recipe that I highly recommend! If I ever find a different kind of ghee (possibly there’s ghee out there that is biochemically different from clarified butter??), then maybe I’d give it another shot, but in the meantime, I’m still in search of a great vegan and refined sugar-free white frosting recipe that is NOT pure coconut cream taste.

Nevertheless, great cupcakes, score one for healthy living and we had a blast today! Springtime is here! ๐Ÿ™‚