A little naughty today…


It’s a gloomy, rainy chilly day here today. I find that weather and light have a profound impact on my mood. My Aunt Flo is also visiting, so yeah, there’s that. I’ve been trying to stay way from NSAIDs due to their negative health impacts, but that may prove impossible today.

I’m moving a little slower this morning and Miss L had a crying fit over wanting an ice cream cone at 9 am that took a while to soothe away. Huh? It’s definitely an off day in the DetoxMama house!

Today is swimming and gym day which is probably exactly what we need! And nine times out of ten, it’s exactly what we would do. But I’ve decided to blow it off. I really need to get to Trader Joe’s today (a few towns away),
some other errands, and work due for clients that I need to wrap up. Miss L doesn’t have school on Mondays, so we are going take it slow, schlep around, and get some stuff done.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we always do fruit and veg smoothies. Today I let Miss L have an organic waffle with maple syrup and fruit and you’ve got the evidence of my breakfast right here. That’s a left over Easter cupcake & an organic almond milk latte. The cupcakes are of course renovated to be a healthier, organic, dairy-free, grain-free, non-refined option. Doesn’t mean it should be what’s for breakfast in my book. And coffee, which I used to live on all day long, is a rarity for me these days. I’ve been reading up on the impact on adrenals and that makes a lot of sense. Coffee is also one of the most highly sprayed crops, so now when I do occasionally indulge, I make sure it’s organic – and I have noticed a true difference in how I feel, even days after its consumption.

So in keeping up with the theme of my blog, I should be probably be posting that we are off to the gym, had our smoothies and ready to conquer the world – or at least say nothing at all, since that’s not the reality of today. But hey, I’m human. Even militant health nut DetoxMama has her off days and I think acknowledging that truly human reality is just as important as any other element of our lifestyle.

What does an off day look like for you? What kind of occasional cheat do you indulge in?