What’s for dessert tonight: Piragua (refined sugar free, whole, paleo, vegan, aip, organic)

Piragua, or shaved ice, or simply…an icy as we called it as kids in Queens, is a simple dessert. Usually relegated to street carts & pizza joints with super syrupy sweet flavoring, tonight I decided to make my own.

After our seafood dinner tonight, I was thinking palate cleanser, so I thought citrus…Sorbet? Nah, not again… How about an icy?! Yes! (That’s my stream of food consciousness, btw.)

And oh my yum, did it work.

Piragua/Shaved Ice/Icy

I ground up ice cubes in my Vitamix. That bad boy turned it into pure snow in seconds. It was awesome!

Next I blended up a few strawberries, grapefruit, some water, fresh mint, and a touch of maple syrup to make the flavoring. No artificial ingredients, no HFCS, or refined sugars here. Purely natural ingredients.

Poured that gorgeous mixture over the ice and that’s it. That is all she wrote.

Awesome, easy, wow factor dessert for the kiddos & adults alike. (And yes, you certainly can add your liquor of choice for a not so G rated treat.