Today’s smoothie: Earth Day Dynamo

Happy Earth Day! I think this may be the first one where I feel like I just “get it” so much more than years past. In the last year, my whole outlook on food, nutrition, health, and our ecosystem has completely changed – for the better, for the truer.

Today’s smoothie has generous heaps of spinach, some strawberries, coconut milk and a basil leaf picked from the garden, making this a sweet and savory breakfast. Further, I’m doing another round of AIP so I made sure not to have any high GI fruits or almond milk in this.

Though I’m experimenting with going more primal these days, I vow to keep my morning smoothies going. No breakfast meatloaf or bacon-wrapped bacon for me. I am still sticking to my vow to increase produce and decrease meat consumption. May seem like an oxymoron with Paleo – or at least I thought it would be – but I don’t think it is at all. When I think primal, I think “real food from the earth”, not “food product”. This means lots and lots of organic veggies, and organic fruit too! And meat which is always organic, largely grass-fed, and pastured from local farms when my wallet can allow it. (I really, really wish I could afford to make that 100% of the time!) And seafood is wildcaught, not farmed, though again there’s that wallet-factor so I’d ideally eat more of it if I could. My original reason for buying free range products had always been animal welfare, and it still is, but I do also now consider the implications of eating either well-raised or poorly-raised meat.

And my efforts to go more Paleo has not meant adding more meat, it’s simply meant taking away additional items like all grains and legumes. And because I’m doing a stricter form of Paleo, called AIP, there are a number of other foods on the “don’t eat” list. I’m still in the “degree of disbelief” phase where I can see that I really feel so much better with some items out of my diet but yet I still question if I truly must be without them. I did this with gluten and dairy too. Even thought I could see he improvements, it took months to fully accept that a total overhaul was necessary.

So I’m pretty much Vegan by day, eat animal protein at dinner, and follow an Autoimmune Paleo Protocol that disallows some additional items like grains, legumes & nightshades. That means that I find myself really straddling this Vegan/Paleo line – which again may seem like an oxymoron but I’m happy here and my body is thanking me for it.