The Versatile Blogger Award & The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I received a wonderful surprise a few days ago.  Apsara from Eating Well Diary has nominated me for 2 awards – the Versatile Blogger Award and the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Thank you so much, Apsara!  Apsara has a great blog focused on sustainable, healthy living with delicious vegetarian recipes like my favorite-never-knew-how-to-make-it-until-now-dosa!



followed-blog-100-1x1I also wanted to take this opportunity to mention that I’ve now reached over 100 follows on my blog and over 500 likes! So beyond humbling. Thank you!!

So the VBA is an award that considers the quality of writing and uniqueness of the blog. The DLA is to show some love to loyal followers of your blog who frequently engage through comments or likes.

Apsara offered these two awards as a “bundle” and so will do the same, nominating blogs that fit the unique parameters of each award.

Both awards require that I share 7 little known facts about myself, pass the awards on to 15 other fellow bloggers, and thank and tag the person who awarded me. Additionally, I must tag and notify my nominees.

7 Facts About Me

1) I hate wasting food. Beyond hate it. I like trying to repurpose left overs. In fact, I hate wasting anything. Today I was in the garden doing some planting and dug up several large rocks deep down in the dirt. I can’t throw them away. They’re beautiful and natural. They are currently in a pile until I figure out how to work them into the landscaping of my tiny little garden.

2) I used to have a nose ring and like 9 piercings in 1 ear and 3 in the other.  It was the 90s. 😉

3) I’m from NYC and admittedly, come from a long line of New Yorkers who think that New York is the epicenter of the world. I thought I would live in the city my entire life. I now live in the suburbs in another state and LOVE it. Who knew?!suburbs-city-globe-concept-22434412

4) Having my amazing Miss L totally transformed my life. I am still in daily awe of how much I love that kid.

5) I have a Masters in Education & was an admissions leader at a few colleges. Yup, I was that person reading your kids’ college applications! I now use my power for good instead of evil by helping high school students put together strong college applications, instead of sitting behind a big desk & rejecting applicant after applicant.                                                                       Insight College Consulting

6) I’m currently full-time mom to MIss L, a freelance writer, a writing tutor, and a college admissions consultant. (And a housekeeper, a chef, a chauffeur, a magician, a travel agent, and possibly a superhero)

leila garden7)  I love gardening and am so thrilled that the time of year is finally here! I cut my gardening chops in a community garden in Harlem, NYC. I wanted Miss L, then 2, to understand where food comes from.  (One of her first words was “Starbucks” so an immediate intervention was needed!)





And now for the 15 nominees of the Dragon Loyalty Award & Versatile Blogger Award bundle!

I usually like to write a little bit about each blog I nominate but this is a lot of nominees! Please know that I truly enjoy your blogs and I find that they add real value to my life in different ways. I also appreciate your loyalty and feedback to my blog. I love this blogging community that is now part of my life!

I thought about each nominee very carefully.

Please answer 7 facts about yourself, tag & thank the blogger who nominated you, & nominate15 new bloggers. Tag them on your blog and notify them on theirs.

1) healthandbeautybloguk
2) Laura
3) foodradical
4) Lyndsay
5) healthyglobetrotting
6) petra8paleo

7) Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs

8) healthnutmum

9) Jasmine

10) indusinternationalkitchen

11) confusedbawarchis

12) kitchenkonfidential


14) Poppy

15) Nancy