It’s not about weight but a little weightloss milestone

So far you have lost 27.9 pounds!

Logged into this app today and was greeted with this message. Not a bad way to start the day.


I don’t use this app to track calories in & out anymore because 1) it’s become much more about health than weight for me and 2) I no longer think that simplified method cuts it anyway. However, I do still track my weight here from time to time.

I had a lot of trouble losing the weight gained from pregnancy and I know now it’s because latent health issues were triggered during pregnancy. Turns out this is pretty common for many women! My old pre-baby ratio eating (carb to fat to protein ratio) just wasn’t cutting it. Not to mention I certainly wasn’t working out 5 days a week anymore! And couldn’t not only bc I now had a baby demanding all of my attention plus a full time out of the home career, but I was ill and weak and achey. I was falling apart. Joint pain, sciatic pain, migraines, you name it.

Can’t lie, it was all about weight at first. And I felt awful – aches and pains and issues arising and fat! I felt like crap. I was so unhealthy for the first time in my life. It took a few years of cluelessness after Miss L was born, but once I began addressing issues by detoxing, it took me on this incredible journey of going gluten-fee and dairy-free, then soy-free, mostly caffeine-free, refined sugar-free and now grain, legume and nightshade free, I began to feel stronger healthier and like the old me again. Weight loss has been a cool side effect of that!