Green Tea Avocado Snow Cone and other flavors (organic, vegan, paleo, aip)

So I’m a little late to the party today but I’ve brought a simple summer favorite: snow cones! It’s been in the 80s here the last two days and we’ve definitely caught summer fever! Happy Fiesta Friday! Read on for a few different flavor ideas.

So there’s really not much to these. Crush up ice (I like to use my Vitamix which easily turns my ice cubes into pure snow), and drizzle on a topping. Yup, that’s it. I never said grandiose recipes were my schtick. Frankly, maximum benefit with minimal output – that’s kinda my thang. And that concept absolutely carries over in healthy eating for me and my family. As we continue on our cleaner, whole foods lifestyle, I know that keeping it simple is very important because I can’t be in the kitchen all day every day. Also, keeping it interesting and fun is absolutely the ultimate key to making our changes a lifestyle and not a “diet”. And what’s more fun than snow cones!

My snow cones certainly do not have store bought syrups chock full of HFCS, artificial food dyes which are potential carcinogens, and a host of other junk. Check out the ingredient label below on the conventional syrup stuff.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.25.30 PM

           Jug of store bought snow cone syrup                    Ingredients: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Water, Imitation Flavor, Citric Acid, Red #40, Blue #1, Sodium Benzoate

Here’s the deal. The junky syrup really isn’t any more convenient. With just a few more spare minutes, you can have fresh flavors that you make with your own ingredients to pour on to your snow cones. For me that means no refined sugars and all organic and non-gmo. For you it may meant that or something else – but it will certainly mean that you know what you are putting in there and I bet you won’t need to add a mold-inhibiting chemical preservative like sodium benzoate.

So take out some fresh ingredients like strawberries, mangos, ginger, blueberries, herbs and have at it. You are limited only by your imagination! When the kiddos go to bed (or for my college crowd readers), throw in a little something something like rum, or my personal favorites – organic small batch gin or organic sulfite free Cabernet.


Strawberry Mint Snow Cone Blend frozen or fresh organic strawberries, fresh mint, and some filtered water. You can optionally add some local raw honey or maple syrup for added sweetness.


Blueberry Snow Cone Blended up water, frozen organic blueberries and maple syrup ( a little extra sweetness for the kiddos) in my Vitamix



This was my favorite! Green Tea Avocado Snow Cone! Brewed up some green tea and then let it cool. Blended up some fresh gorgeously ripe avocado, coconut milk, local raw honey, a splash of vanilla extract (ooh, how I wish I had vanilla bean in the house!) and then added in the green tea for the liquid. This was a thicker, creamier topping for the snowcone and it was divine!


Vanilla Cream with Honey Snow Cone Blended up coconut cream and a little vanilla extract. Poured that topping over the snowcone and then drizzled raw local honey on top which froze to become this amazing thick, chewy, floral topping. Amazing!

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