Cream of Mushroom Soup (Vegan, Paleo, AIP, Whole 30; dairy-free, nightshade-free, organic)

One of my favorite comfort foods as a kid was Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup with of chunks white bread broken up into it. Ummm…yeah. That’s how little DetoxMama grew up. It was all about saving money, so many things were canned, packaged, and processed. The matriarch of my family was my grandmother who came of age, and fled WW2, marrying an American soldier. I think the idea of having food reserves, rationing, conserving, and getting as much as you can for as little as you could permeated her psyche in a way that impacted her for the rest of her life. She loved us and she cared for us the way she knew how.

So when I talk about how much it means to me to care for my family with whole, organic, unprocessed foods despite the strain of the added cost, perhaps this story provides a little further insight into my own psyche. I really want my daughter to grow up eating better than I did (but loved just as much!) and when she grows up, I want her comfort foods to be fresh fruit, vegetables, and her mom’s healthy home cooked meals.

This amazing vegan recipe came my way courtesy of Mermaid’s tresses. It was her brilliant idea to add cashew cream to lend that creamy, rich texture and flavor. This is truly cream of mushroom soup without compromise!

So I made some very minor changes to this fabulous recipe. Mostly because I’m a lazy chef and also because I worked with what I had in the house.

Since I’m lazy and impatient, instead of making a stock for an hour, I simmered for probably about 20 minutes. I also threw in some fresh oregano sprigs from the garden as I didn’t have any thyme. Then I added in whole organic white mushrooms. Didn’t have dried mushrooms so skipped that. I simmered the whole thing for another 20 minutes or so. It was lovely and fragrant.

Threw this hot soup- mushroom, herbs, veggies and all – right into my Vitamix and pureed. To my surprise, it was already gorgeously thick and creamy on its own!

Next, I took the cashew cream I had made the night before. I used about 1/4 cup of cream for the small bowl of soup you see pictured. I stirred in a splash of coconut aminos and then a dash of the ACV into the 1/4 cup of sectioned out cashew cream. Then I ladled the soup into the serving bowl, stirred most of the now seasoned cashew cream into the soup, and then topped the soup with a dollop of the remaining seasoned cashew cream and garnished with a few sprigs of oregano.

This was creamy, rich, hearty & divine. Very filling just as Mermaid tresses said. This can definitely be a meal unto itself. And just like my grandmother’s (my maternal grandma) amazing teriyaki chicken that I thought I could never enjoy again, I can now again enjoy a better, healthier, good for me version of my (paternal) grandma’s cream of mushroom soup. And most wonderfully, I can pass these dishes on to my daughter.