No exceptions: Take out

As I’ve mentioned here and there, 2013 was all about discovering this new eating lifestyle I am now fully immersed in – detoxing and eventually eliminating all processed foods and other food groups for various reasons. I’ve seen an increase in health, energy, equilibrium of mood, and the 32 pounds lost to date ain’t bad either! I don’t count calories, don’t monitor amounts or ratios of fat, protein or carbs like I used to in my pre-baby gym rat days. In fact, I eat as much as I want whenever I want. This is more than I can say for my former dieting life.

There are just some foods that I don’t eat at all now – and while this may seem overwhelming and undoable to some (I was once of that mindset too), it’s totally doable, easy, and I still totally indulge in yummy foods, desserts, and even my beloved Cabernet. The bottom line is I’m not poisoning my body with processed junk, food product or chemicals. Not ingesting food-crack like refined white sugar or gluten. Ever. Because just a little is a slippery slope. At least for me. And I spend my time FAR LESS HUNGRY than I have ever been. I eat what I want and I no longer keep a mental tally of my calories. While many people comment on how hard it must be to eat the way I do, I actually find this much easier than my former calorie-counting life. And because I really enjoy making and revamping savory and sweet recipes, there really is no deprivation.

So 2014 is all about living my life and not letting something be an excuse: holidays are not excuses to “cheat”, neither are birthdays, or vacations, or just taking a break and treating myself to take out. My whole mindset has changed so I don’t think of it really as a “cheat” anymore anyway. It’s also about not needing to be so militant in my thought process; just as I don’t need excuses to “cheat”, I don’t need to be in detox mode 365 days a year either. So tonight I took the night off. We ordered takeout which we don’t do much of anymore because well, when you eat the way I eat, yeah, eating out can be tricky. I’d rather make it myself and know just what’s in it. This works out because we then spend less money on takeout, and that’s pretty important now given our very expensive weekly organic grocery bill. Ying & yang.

So I ordered sushi from a new place I’ve been wanting to try. I asked if I could have my sushi wrapped in nori with no rice. When they indicated that the portion size would be quite small, I asked if they could add in some cucumber in place of the rice. They gladly accommodated and my dinner was fantastic. I ate the ginger and wasabi they provided but used my coconut aminos instead of soy sauce.

Washed it all down with a lovely glass of organic sulfite-free Cabernet. A little later, I got a hankering for something sweet. I had some left over coconut cream in the fridge, mixed in a little raw cacao powder and maple syrup for a quick and easy but decadent and indulgent chocolate pot de creme. Yup, 2014 is definitely about living this lifestyle and I have to say I am wearing it well! πŸ™‚