Bahn mi inspired steak wrap (grain-free, paleo, aip, nightshade-free)

I had some left over grilled grass fed steak I wanted to make for dinner this week. And that same day someone told me that my favorite bahn mi shop, Baoguette, in New York had closed. So sad! Although my bahn mi eating days were also my gluten and nightshade eating days so even if they were still open and I still lived in NY, I really wouldn’t partake anyway.

So I decided that’s what I’d do with the leftover steak. A variation on bahn mi working around my no-go food items.

So I don’t eat nightshades these days so that means no peppers or hot sauce. Still adjusting to that one and it’s tough bc I have always loved super spicy food and I love srichacha on bahn mi. But nightshades cause joint pain in my fingers and it’s just not worth it!

Bahn mi inspired steak wrap
–So warmed up my left over steak on the grill and sliced it medium thin.
–I had some pickled carrots and radishes on hand that I had already lactofermented. Sliced those along with some fresh cucumber.
–I made a hack fish sauce by mixing coconut aminos, honey, grated ginger, and garlic.
–Layered it all onto a large chard leaf and topped with a generous amount of cilantro sprigs and a squeeze of lime.
–Wrapped it up into a delicious hand-held sandwich.