Yesterday, I admitted that I fell a bit on vacation this past week. And I’m paying the price for it with decreased energy and some achiness. But I have a plan to purge myself of the toxins and get back on track:

-Began day with warm lemon water.

-Then made a diuretic smoothie that was delicious, nutrient-rich and also hydrating. Strawberry, cucumber, green apple, celery, kiwi, parsley, mint, water

-Accompanied that with a shot of ACV

-Drinking tons of water throughout the day

-On my way to the gym now for cardio, weights and a steam.

-Sipped infused spiked water throughout the day. Infused with orange, lemon, mint and cucumber. Spiked with yerba mate because going cold turkey on caffeine but still functioning through the day isn’t possible. I have a baby step system to get me off a caffeine binge.

-Not sure about the dinner plan yet but I know it will include a heaping plate of dandelion greens from my garden.