Nightshade-free curry grill (Paleo and AIP friendly)

I’ve been missing curry so much lately but I am trying to stay nightshade free so I decided to try to achieve some spiciness with other flavors.

I made a spice rub of cumin, coriander, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and turmeric. Patted it all on, let it sit for a bit and grilled up the chicken.

Sliced some zucchini and cleaned up some whole radishes. Tossed them both in olive oil and salt and grilled those up too. I hadn’t grilled radishes before but suspected it would work since I know they cook up quite nicely in soups. Radishes have a nice spiciness to them so they are a great nightshade free alternative to peppers and also an alternative to nightshade potatoes, with a similar texture when cooked. They got bubbly and crunchy on the outside, and tender but still a nice bite to them on the inside. They were fantastic! And the zucchini? Well who doesn’t love that smoky goodness?! I adore grilled zucchini.

Lastly, I did a raita inspired (dairy-free) cucumber salad. I use coconut milk and lemon juice and it really blends together well to give a tang very similar to yogurt. Of course, I’m not getting all the probiotic dreaminess but today I was going for taste. Also added fresh mint, cilantro, & garlic, black pepper and salt.

It all came together well and we enjoyed a lovely al fresco late lunch.



And playing around with the leftovers, I came up with a delicious appetizer! A grain-free, nightshade free all veggie bruschetta with these smoky indian flavors.

A piece of grilled zucchini is the bread. I chopped up some of the grilled radishes to serve as the nightshade tomato and topped with a little of the vegan raita. It was one incredible bite!!>