Frugal Gardener

Gardening is expensive! It’s a hobby I picked up a few years ago when I joined a community garden near my New York apartment. Then we moved to the DC suburbs and I had a whole yard and deck to fill! But it adds up – organic seeds, netting to keep the birds away, pots and containers and misc stakes, replacing annuals in the front & back yards. This year I learned a good tip – at least for non-edible plants. I only buy organic for edible plants but I’m more flexible with the ornamentals.

Lowes has a clearance section of plants that are in need of some love. They may be wilted, brown, or just plain sad but you can score plants for $5, $3, and $1. Wish I took a pic of the sad, droopy selection but after a little over a week here’s the budget arrangement I put together for my front door planter.