Mashed platanos with avocado (paleo, vegan, AIP, gluten & grain-free)

This one is short and sweet. Nothing fancy but fabulously flavorful!

I’m home doing spring cleaning this week and I also want to do about a week of super strict AIP detox so I need something quick, hearty and filling to give me energy. This creation fit the bill!

Boiled green plantains are mashed. Then garlic, salt, olive oil and fresh cilantro and oregano from the garden are added. Mix this all up and then mash in the avocado last.

Nutrient dense, low GI and a source of great fats. This is an energy booster!

This would also be great platform to add in a tbsp of virgin coconut oil for its MCTs and thus fat-burning properties. It’s just a different flavor than I was craving today so I didn’t. I took a tsp of coconut oil on its own this morning. Thanks to Petra for schooling me on slowly acclimating to daily coconut oil; I’m giving it another try!