Outlining the daily morning routine & what being centered feels like

To my surprise, after my Miami vacation, I’ve actually gotten off coffee pretty quickly. It only took a couple of days. This is a marked improvement from the weeklong miserable process that once entailed detoxing from coffee-drinking binges.

If you read my posts last week, you saw that try as I did, there were some oversights on my trip. And now I can articulate the distress as not feeling connected to my body. Not in tuned. And even though I had been eating pretty well prior, I think, with the busy month I’ve had, I wasn’t taking care of myself, wasn’t allowing time to listen to my body. Busy, anxious, a little stressed out. I think it’s fitting that on this first week I had it on my calendar to slow down, to stay home and the task at hand is a thorough week long spring cleaning, that I organically began to feel this connection to my body again. To listen to it, to get excited about my routines. I never realized this until right this minute — this is what being centered feels like! Wow. Epiphanal moment here.

So I’m home cleaning house, purging, getting rid of the clutter. I’ve felt suffocated at home. I needed a renewal and that’s what spring cleaning is all about. Spring is rejuvenation and it might be part of the natural human clock to cleanse at this time. So I’m cleansing my home and cleansing my body. And I feel centered.

So the morning routine – I’m back to beginning my days with warm lemon water, 2 tbsp of ACV and I’ve now added 1 tsp of coconut oil to the mix. I take the ACV straight, tipping right back to the throat quickly, chase it with the lemon water and then do the tsp of coconut oil. Since I’m not working out this week, I’m curious to see the impact the coconut oil has on my metabolism. I already noticed an energy difference yesterday but I’ll keep monitoring.