Heal: Dr Terry Whals

Couldn’t have said this any better.

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Wow. How to and where to start writing this post.

Continuing on with my series Heal, may I introduce Dr Terry Whals.  about-terry-wahls

Dr Terry Whals  is phenomenal and a personal hero, instrumental in changing my health and life.

A clinical professor of medicine Dr Terry Whals faced a life bed ridden as her MS deteriorated over many years.

By 2003 Conventional medicine was failing her and she was faced with a chronic progressive disease with no cure.

As a medical practitioner she set about finding a way to treat her condition.  Initially researching articles and the latest clinical trials on pubmed.gov.


She found one commonality in the animal models of MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s Motor Neuron Disease (ALS) and Huntingdon’s, the mitochondria, small sub units within cells that manage the energy supply for that cell stop working and shrink the brain.  More research un-earthed trials in which the mice brains had…

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