Eggs over greens

When I’m not abstaining from eggs on AIP detoxes, this has become a favorite meal.

I love eggs with a soft yolk. Fried or poached, the yellow liquid yolk is flavorful and luxurious. Years ago, I went low-carb and giving up the bread to sop up the yolk was so hard. All these years later, gluten-free again meant no bread. I experimented with some chickpea bread. Yum. And rice flour. Cool. Then I went legume-free and grain-free. Damn.

I’ve since made a grain-free, legume-free bread I was excited about so that’s cool but I also figured out something else. I started noticing a lot of my fellow Paleo bloggers making eggs over greens. What a great idea! I’ll have a salad instead of fries with my eggs when out to brunch, so why didn’t I think of this?! I gave it a try and it’s the perfect vehicle to catch all that yolky goodness. I might do a salad of mesclun or arugula tossed with a little olive oil and lemon or maybe some sautéed spinach, kale or chard (really I will gladly sauté any greens!) with a little bit of garlic. It is a fabulous meal at any time of day, chock full of protein, fat, fiber and vitamins. 20140612-135333-50013857.jpg