More Cavewoman fun with a little industrialized farm product for guests

In another words, grilled skirt steak and veggies with yellow rice and tortillas.

Happy Fiesta Friday! As I type this the sun is emerging from its cocoon of clouds and I hope it stays that way. We are set to watch the World Cup on an outdoor screen at noon! Woohoo!

So I missed FF last weekend since it was my daughter’s birthday and we had a busy few days of parties, bbqs, family visiting from out of town and friends. The weekend was a success! And I was so honored that Indu invited me to join in on the Writing Process Blog Tour with my deadline being June 9th, Miss L’s bday. I knew it would be tough getting that blog entry in during this of all weeks but I was honored and didn’t want to pass it up. I had my calendar alarm going off several times from Sunday afternoon through Monday to remind me. And the true deadline worker that I am, I finally sat down at 11:28 PM on June 9 to write, struggling to keep my eyes open, and posted it up at 11:58. 2 minutes to spare! Phew!

So we’ve had some family stay on for this whole week so there’s been lots of cooking but after this weekend I also wanted to keep things easier. Grilling is always easy! No mess, no pots and pans. Well, unless you, like I, haven’t properly cleaned your grill in a very long time (I didn’t know that second bottom pan pulled out!) and your grill lights up like a bonfire when you have a house full of hungry guests like it did on Sunday. Yeah, that was fun. Ever the stubborn chic I am, I didn’t ask for help, refused offers of help and battled the flames until my husband came over and some how rescued the situation (okay, fine, and me too).

So with more grillin and Paleo loving, here’s grilled skirt steak, chimichurri, with grilled asparagus. For my hungry guests I also made arroz amarillo, fire grilled peppers and also grilled up some maiz tortillas. I had also made a huge avocado salad and put together a big hearty steak salad for myself since I couldn’t fill up on rice or tortilla.

Recipe low-down

Skirt steak- The beauty of this cut. So flavorful. Salt and pepper is all you need. Sometimes I’ll do some dehydrated garlic powder as well.

Asparagus – toss in olive oil or not. Either way these grilled treats rival french fries in my family’s opinion!

Grilled peppers – of your choosing. Throw ’em on. When skin chars and bubbles, remove.

Arroz Amarillo – I use a rice cooker bc it’s way less mess but cook rice as you choose. I add turmeric, saffron, cumin, garlic, peas, corn, peppers, scallions. Seasoning go right in with cooking rice. Veggies add in when rice is done to keep al dente.

Tortillas- on the grill for a few minutes, flip, love.

See here for chimichurri