Today’s smoothie: Two flowers

Morning! It’s a gorgeous sunny summer day (even though it’s technically still spring) and so appropriately, I’m making this smoothie again today. The brightness in color and flavor is just what we need to get us out the door. And I’m also submitting this to The Gluten-Free Treadmill’s Sunday Smoothie. This may not be packed with some of the added nutrients I’ll often add to my smoothies, like spinach, but the Two Flower Smoothie is bright and summery antioxidant alkaline goodness. It is also rich in B vitamins including folate, as well as C, A, and E. What a great way to start the day!


I named this smoothie after a juice from one of my fave brunch spots in NYC – Sarabeth’s. They’ve got four flower juice so here’s the two flower smoothie. My husband was reminded of the Sarabeth juice by the color and so thusly this smoothie was named.

Simple smoothie with a twist, this is a mango, strawberry lemonade smoothie. A layer of mango/lemon & strawberry/lemon. Water and ice are added and you just do the mango and strawberry separately and layer on.

Delicious, super refreshing, and as always – heathy, organic and non-gmo.


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