A home and blog makeover

Two weeks ago, I gave my home a much needed spring cleaning.  Got rid of some stuff, bought some stuff, moved some stuff around. I had been feeling kind of blah and anxious in my home and no matter what I did, it just didn’t help rid that feeling. Then I visited a friend who had just moved to a new house. Her new home was streamlined, open, and clear of clutter. Finally, I knew what had been bugging me and I knew what I had to do! I decided to act as if we were moving house too and be relentless in my purge. It’s not quite been 2 years since we moved here from NYC but I guess that’s been long enough to accrue more – too much- stuff! So I spent the next two weeks cleaning, removing clutter and running a little online yard sale business out of my home thanks to sites like VarageSale and Facebook community yard sales. You should have seen my foyer! It looked like a clothing store!  

Funny thing is, Miss L had been saying she didn’t like her room and wanted a new house. Ha! I thought maybe it was because her friend Miss A had just moved and she was thinking of that. Or maybe my perceptive little kiddo was picking up on my anxieties. I’m not sure. So I moved her room around. It’s small so there’s not that much you can do but apparently it did the trick. When I brought her in, her exact words were, “This is amazing!!!”. She said it felt like a new room! I then had a distinct memory (can’t believe I ever forgot this) of me needing to shift my room around often when I was younger. Even in my early 20s in my first apartment, a studio about 500 sq ft on Central Park West in NYC, I constantly rejiggered that room around as much as I could. I would get that blah feeling and need a change. So that’s what was happening here – but somehow now as a mom with a house, I lost site of that young spirit who sometimes just needs to switch it up a bit – until Miss L reminded me.  

So in the end, I got most of the things out, made a few bucks, purchased a few new items, and made everything feel fresh again. I donated the rest of our stuff to the Salvation Army and cleaned up just in time for our visiting family to spend the week with us.

And in that spirit, I decided my blog needed a little make-over too. I think it’s a little cleaner and more visual. Hope you like it!