Ice cream!! (vegan, paleo, non-processed, organic)

It was close to 100 degrees today. And it’s only mid-June. Yikes! I suspect we will have the kind of extreme summer as we did a winter. You heard it here first! Oh, something you haven’t learned about me yet: I have this weird fixation with the weather. I can watch the weather channel for hours. I am constantly talking about the weather. I watch documentaries about weather. In fact as I write this the hubs and I are watching a PBS special on sprites. Look it up.

Yeah, I’m just weird. I said it.

Sooo….it was a scorcher out there and what’s better than ice cream to cool you off! The hubs was home early today as I needed him to hang with Miss L while I went off to a meeting for a couple of hours. When I got home, I quickly shed my suit and threw on some comfy cargo shorts and a tank. I came downstairs and everyone was asking for ice-cream. I decided that was just what I needed, too! Sometimes my family is just brilliant!

I wanted a chunky chocolate ice cream after seeing Tabitha’s ice cream recipe. I haven’t made hers yet but plan to. But for now I needed something STAT. Miss L requested mango. The hubs was down for any ice-cream (spoiler: he ended up having both). We also had someone doing some maintenance work outside and the poor guy was out there for hours. He enjoyed a big bowl of mango ice-cream as well to help cool him off.

The chocolate ice cream is banana based. It makes a lovely creamy soft-serve although I waited a bit too long to snap a pic so it will be a bit firmer than what you see.

DetoxMama Svelte Monkey – chocolate banana ice cream with almonds and “caramel” chunks.

You’ll need: Frozen bananas, raw cacao powder, coconut cream, almonds, medjool dates, local raw honey or maple syrup

-Pulse whole almonds lightly and set aside (or leave whole if you prefer)
-Pulse dates so you get small caramel-like chunks. Set aside
-Pulse 5 frozen bananas on the frozen setting of your Vitamix (or just pulse with regular blender but be careful not to overblend as blades get hot)
-Add about 2-3 tbsp cacao powder
-Add 1/4 cup firm coconut cream
-Add 2 tbsp honey or maple syrup
-Pulse quickly and in short stints, checking consistency as you go and using a spoon to stir renegade banana chunks back towards the blade
-Pour ice cream in a dish and gently fold in almonds and dates.

Serve and enjoy!


Mango Ice Cream

What you’ll need: Frozen mango chunks, Coconut cream,
Honey or maple syrup

Pulse on your frozen setting (or carefully if you don’t have this setting) 2 cups frozen mango, full can of coconut cream (this will not be a whole can), 2-3 tbsp honey or maple syrup. That’s it!