How DetoxMama really came to be…Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

I recently updated my bio and decided that I was leaving out a very important part. This missing bit truly tells the story of how DetoxMama came to be.

I haven’t really discussed this part until now, cryptically mentioning an autoimmune condition from time to time on this blog, but here goes: It was a postpartum thyroid disorder that finally pushed me to try that first detox. After having my daughter, the amazing Miss L, I began to suffer from excessive weight, pain in my eyes, hair loss, and abnormal stress responses to regular situations. Turns out it was all due to an underactive thyroid from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Apparently, this is commonly triggered by pregnancy. I went through extensive testing, which included radioactive iodine that meant I couldn’t hold my then infant daughter for multiple days. It was awful. I was also in physical therapy for months for a seemingly unrelated (and now to that I say “Ha!”) sciatic condition. I was in a ton of pain a lot of the time. I was seeing a bunch of doctors and specialists. And all this while working full-time, going to grad school at night, and still learning the ropes of being a mama. Needless to say this all took a toll on my emotional well-being as well (besides that fact that thyroid directly controls hormones which absolutely does impact your emotional state). I spent the next 4 years like that, and trying to use the tools I had relied on before – but my old fitness and nutrition routines just weren’t working. By Spring 2013 we had left New York and moved to the out-of-state ‘burb that we live in now. Good things were happening in life but physically I had hit rock bottom. Feeling so terrible, I was willing to try anything – even a super crazy restrictive detox! That first step changed my life! But not only did it rectify the postpartum issues that had only been 4 years in the making, it corrected a bunch of other issues I had always had and just dealt with as my “healthy and fit” self. Although I thought I was always healthy, chronic issues like sinus congestion, migraines, and moodiness that I always thought was just par for the course in my shoes disappeared once I changed my eating habits.  I have also, in the last year, lost 35 pounds of hard to lose “baby weight” that wouldn’t budge thanks to that autoimmune thyroid disorder that is now under control (without medication!).  

The biggest lesson I’ve learned really and truly: food is medicine. And this has changed my life. No more Motrin for chronic migraines or steroid inhaler for cough, no Afrin for sinus congestion.  And no more “diets” for weight-loss. Just good food. And regained control over my health. Life is good.

One of the hardest parts of that whole time, was simply thinking of myself as being sick. I had always prided myself on being healthy, fit, and strong, and able to take care of myself. Maybe that’s why I’ve been hesitant to discuss this story here, but I have felt the need to do so (and mulling it over for months and months!) because I really want to make sure that other folks in a similiar boat know that other options might be out there. I’m no doctor, and can’t speak to all chronic issues, but trying nutritional changes first – before more serious pharmaceutical or surgical options – might be a good solution. It was for me.

Miss L on the beach in Spain last September – a great family trip.

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