Chocolate, raspberry and cream parfait (dairy-free, non-processed, paleo, vegan)

Are we allowed to double fist it at Fiesta Friday? Well, I brought breakfast this morning and now it’s time for dessert! This vegan, paleo, whole foods, decadent dessert proves that eating healthfully doesn’t just mean carrots sticks and celery.

This heavenly treat has a dairy free, refined-sugar free chocolate ganache, fresh and juicy organic raspberries, and a creamy vanilla coconut cream. I can eat this and not feel heavy or tired after and there is zero weight gain! For reals!

1. Chocolate ganache
Melt a whole bar of organic 100% cacao and stir in some organic coconut milk. A little (about 1/8 cup) for a dark, deep rich chocolate. A bit more for a milk chocolate. Then add honey or maple syrup to provide the level of sweetness you’re looking for.

2. Vanilla Coconut Cream
Fold firmed coconut cream from the top of an upside-down BPA-free can with some vanilla extract and honey or maple syrup.

3. Layer and enjoy!

The whole bar of cacao, two cans of coconut milk, and 4 handfuls of raspberries should make 4 servings.






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